Tambopata is a region in southeastern Peru that offers a wide range of tourist activities in the middle of the lush Amazon rainforest. Some of the main tourist activities in Tambopata include:

Reasons to visit Tambopata in Peru

  • Wildlife watching: Tambopata is known for its unique biodiversity. Visitors can go on bird and animal watching excursions, with the possibility of spotting jaguars, monkeys, parrots and a variety of fascinating species.
  • Jungle hikes: The well-maintained trails offer the opportunity to explore the rainforest, learn about the local flora and fauna and experience the magic of nature at its most pristine.
  • Canoe rides: Navigating Tambopata’s rivers and lagoons in traditional canoes is a relaxing activity that allows tourists to appreciate the natural beauty of the region.
  • Visits to local communities: Interacting with the indigenous communities in the area is an enriching way to learn about their culture, customs and lifestyle, as well as supporting sustainable tourism.
  • Stargazing and nocturnal observation: The darkness of the Amazon rainforest provides an ideal environment for stargazing and observing the nocturnal life of the rainforest, including bioluminescent insects and frogs.
  • Expeditions to nature reserves: Tambopata is home to several nature reserves and conservation areas, such as the Tambopata National Reserve and the Manu Biosphere Reserve, which offer unique opportunities to explore and research biodiversity.